Meet The Team

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Office Manager

Casey has been with Dr. Aldredge for 20 years and is the core of Holmdel Periodontics & Implant Dentistry. She is an indispensable help to patients with questions, even more so because she enjoys always learning more about dentistry . Casey’s favorite interaction with patients is hearing their stories and talking to them about their families. Feeling like family, she says, is why patients return. “We make everyone feel as comfortable as can be.”

Front Desk

Patty is the first person who greets you when you enter our office, and the first to assure you you’re in good hands with Dr. Aldredge.  She loves chatting with patients about their lives, whether they are going on vacations or have a new puppy. She knows they return to our practice because Dr. Aldredge is very good at his job and excellent at communicating with his patients. “And they always tell us we are all great!” 

Dental Hygienist

You’ll know Alison by her energetic  personality, whether you’re speaking with her in person or on the phone. She is happy to talk with patients and help them feel comfortable about their appointments, just the way her friendly co-workers and Dr. Aldredge have made her comfortable in the office.  Alison has 3 children. Her twins are starting college this fall which she may or may not be ready for. Feel  free to offer advice. “The atmosphere feels like home.”

Dental Hygienist

Ferda has been in the dental field for 12 years, the last 7 as a dental hygienist.  She strives to be the best provider she can be to make a difference in peoples’ lives and dental hygiene, with a goal to transform patients nervous about visiting the dentist into comfortable, relaxed patients who won’t hesitate to return.  Ferda loves to hit the beach or hike with her dog Milo. She’s also a huge foodie, ask her! “Your teeth and mouth are important to your overall health.”

Dental Hygienist

Kelsie has been a dental hygienist for six years.  Previously she was a dental assistant. Her favorite thing about working at Holmdel Periodontics & Implant Dentistry is the friendly environment and the nice patients. Kelsie thinks patients return here for the same reason: our friendly, accommodating office. With a toddler and infant keeping her on her toes, she lives by the advice she gives her patients. “Floss first, because you will never leave the house without brushing.”

Dental Assistant

With 33 years’ experience, Doris excels at making patients feel at ease, something a dental assistant once did for her. She’s integral to the upbeat environment and friendly team that make her job enjoyable. Doris believes patients return to our office for Dr. Aldredge’s excellent skills as a periodontist, with the bonus of a caring staff.  She always reminds patients taking antibiotics to care for their stomachs as well with “Plenty of water, probiotics, and Motrin or Tylenol.”

Dental Assistant

It’s hard to miss Tara, a long-time fixture at Holmdel Periodontics & Dental Implants.  As her red hair suggests, she’s always the first to start a round of laughter. In fact her favorite reason for working here is her co-workers. After 16 years with Dr. Aldredge, she knows his skills are why patients return to our office, along with his reassuring demeanor.  When not gardening, Tara’s advising patients to “Drink lots of water and take probiotics while you’re on antibiotics.”

Dental Assistant

Cherry is dedicated to making sure everyone can access oral health care, paying special attention to helping nervous patients overcome dental anxiety. She especially wants them to benefit from our high practice standards and Dr. Aldredge’s talent and dedication.  She benefits as well, appreciating Dr. Aldredge’s encouragement to learn more and expand her skills.  Why do patients return? “Everyone goes the extra mile to meet our patients’ needs.”