Bone Grafting

Periodontal disease can cause bone loss in the jaw. Surgery to replace and regrow that bone tissue is imperative to periodontal health.

Regrowing Bone in the Jaw

Periodontal disease, along with injury or a congenital condition, can cause bone loss in the jaw. It is vital to replace and regrow bone tissue to avoid further erosion which will lead to more tooth loss and significant deformation of the facial structure. 

Regenerating bone to save individual teeth

When periodontal disease causes the loss of bone holding a tooth in place, that tooth will become loose or may twist in a different direction. The good news is it may still be possible to save that tooth. There is nothing that makes Dr. Aldredge happier. He can place a bone graft into the periodontal pocket surrounding the tooth. Once the new bone integrates with the remaining bone, the tooth is once again fully secured and functional.

Restoring bone to support dental implants

Placing dental implants where teeth are missing helps preserve existing bone and encourage new bone growth. Maintaining that bone structure also maintains the natural shape of your jaw and face.

Ridge augmentation surgery

Dr. Aldredge places a bone tissue graft in the area with low bone density to restore proper mass and provide a solid base for dental implants.

Sinus lift surgery

Similar to ridge augmentation surgery, sinus lift surgery is specifically for increasing bone density in the upper back jaw under the sinuses. Where there is insufficient bone for supporting implants, Dr. Aldredge will surgically raise the sinus floor up, creating space for a bone graft and new bone growth.

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Dr. Aldredge also offers an advanced bone grafting procedure called SMART grafting. Learn more here.

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